Youth Global Forum in Netherlands 2019: Call for Participants and Project Presenters

Youth Time International Movement is officially opening the application call for Participants and Project Presenters for its fifth annual Youth Global Forum.

We as humanity are rapidly moving towards a future where machines and technology are beginning to dominate our daily routines. It seems that whether it be Education, Security, Business or Manufacturing, no aspect of society will be exempt from the continued integration of man and machine.

Over the course of the Youth Global Forum, the topic of ‘’Inclusive Development vs Industry 5.0: Where is the future?’’ will be discussed and with the help of a diverse range of field experts and industry leaders, equip youth with the necessary tools to adapt successfully to modern conditions.

Moreover, all participants will benefit from several workshops, keynotes and masterclasses led by some of the world’s foremost experts on the matter of Industry 5.0 & Inclusive Development.


  • Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an exciting week in one of Europe’s tech hubs, the city of Amsterdam, and gain invaluable new skills, knowledge and experiences that will serve as a solid foundation for your future entrepreneurial & professional endeavors.
  • Project Presenters will also compete for the Youth Time Idea Grant (10.000 EUR), fully funded scholarships to study in leading business schools in Europe and South-East Asia, and paid internship.
  • Funding
    • Participation is partially funded. The complete program, cultural activities and official dinners are covered by Youth Time International Movement. Travel costs come at your own expense. There is also a registration fee which will go towards the budget which will support the grant awarded to the 1st place project winner and your accommodation.
    • Registration fee excluding accommodation (only available for residents of the Netherlands): 150€ (includes attendance of opening and closing/award ceremonies, gala dinner, tea breaks and meals, cultural activities, educational program, participants kit).
    • Registration fee including twin room shared accommodation: 300€ (foreign participants) /200€ (foreign project presenters) – includes attendance of opening and closing/award ceremonies, gala dinner, tea breaks and meals, cultural activities, educational program, participants kit).
  • Scholarships
    • To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Youth Global Forum, for the first time in our history we will offer a limited number of scholarships to the most outstanding young leaders who want to do good around the world, enriching the lives of those in need in their communities, but cannot afford to attend the event.
    • Recipients of the scholarship will be given the opportunity to attend and participate in the Youth Global Forum in Amsterdam with all flights, food and accommodation expenses being paid for by way of the scholarship.
    • In order to have a chance to win this prize, you must submit the below application form along with your plan to solve a significant social issue that is affecting your local community today.
    • Whether it be in the field of poverty, bullying, equality, education and more, there are various forms of social issues that can negatively impact our communities throughout the globe. Solving these social issues are always at the forefront of our work at Youth Time internationally, so we invite you to do the same for your community.
  • As part of your application for the Youth Global Forum Scholarship, you will be asked to write a short essay (minimum 1500 words) and answer there the following questions in the hope that together, we can benefit local communities together:
    • What is a key social issue that is affecting your local community?
    • How is this affecting the people in your local community?
    • In your own words, describe a plan to solve this issue. Think about the points below as you explain your solution to the issue:
      • Who needs to be involved & how (Local governments, institutions, businesses etc.).
      • Give some examples on who and how a person and/or organisation can have a positive involvement;
      • What changes need to be made (both on a personal and institutional level) from the current setup;
      • Think outside the box, as well as inside. Whilst a lot of social issues are complicated and require a seemingly endless amount of effort and planning, some only require a simple yet clear and focused campaign to reach a solution;
      • By attending the Youth Global Forum, do you think it will help you in solving your identified social issue? If so, how?
      • Try and relate your solution to the events theme, ‘Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development’.
  • In total, there will two recipients of the scholarship to attend the Youth Global Forum in a ‘participant’ capacity whilst one person will receive the scholarship to attend as a ‘project presenter’ where you will be invited to present your proposal as part of our Project Presenters Competition.


  • Who can apply?
    1. Young people 20-35 from around the world;
    2. Master’s/PhD students, social entrepreneurs, young professionals, persons working at/with startup incubators and/or accelerators;
    3. Fluent in English (reading, writing, speaking).

You can either apply as a project presenter or a basic participant.

  • As a basic participant you can expect to:
    • Participate in educational and interactive talks and become inspired through sessions conducted by distinguished, honorable guests;
    • Gain valuable new skills, knowledge and experiences that will serve as a solid foundation for your future entrepreneurial & professional endeavors;
    • Have a unique opportunity to meet with 100 like-minded people from across the globe and network with renowned professionals in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, finance, science, technology and education.
  • As a project presenter additionally to the points mentioned above you can expect to:
    • Have the opportunity to present your project with the chance of being awarded a grant to realize your idea, scholarship, internship and other prizes available to the project presenters;
    • Work on your project proposal with the supervision of an expert (in setting up business initiatives) before the event.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

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