The Green Institute Nigeria Internship 2019

Green Campus Initiative Internship is a training programme designed to train students who are about to complete their studies and fresh graduates on environmental sustainability and sustainable practices. Trainees will be placed in sections related to their fields of expertise/interest under close supervision. Trainings will afford interns the opportunity to have a hands on experience as well as gain relevant skills that will be useful for their professional development. All majors (course of study) are welcome to apply.

The Green Institute is the first Nigerian research institution that subsidizes college tuition costs through a waste management program while training leaders that will systematically transform attitudes about environmentalism in Africa’s most populated and polluted country.

The institute offers both training and research, in line with some of the challenges listed in the Sustainable Development Goals. Their principal area of concentration is environmental sustainability, but they adopt both a micro and macro-level approach that encompasses relevant studies in the sciences, arts and social sciences. The onsite campus is located in Ondo Kingdom, Nigeria.

They offer Nano-degrees (both on-site and online) with academic programs in Sustainable Science and Technology, Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Social Research and History. The Institute’s faculty of academics and researchers in environmental sustainability bring a wealth of experience to challenge students to grasp the ever-evolving challenges and nuances of the Green Movement. Part of the appeal of The Green Institute is the inclusivity. While they will accept tuition-paying students, they will also fund students through their Trash for Education Scheme. The program works by allowing students to earn credits for valuable wastes that they collect. The trash credits can then be redeemed for books and tuition fees. The commitment to purchase the trash is made by the state government and private corporations who will buy it at a set price from our institute.


The Green Campus Initiative advocates for and encourages students to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. They train university students and equip them with the tools needed to create Green Initiatives on their own campuses.


The centre offers a place for budding entrepreneurs to gather and innovate for social change. The entrepreneurs are passionate about creating and developing sustainable solutions to tackling pressing global challenges like environment, climate change, poverty, immigration, health, human rights, gender inequality or any other social issue.




  • Gain practical experience suited to their field of study/interest.
  • Have free access to Green Series and Conferences.
  • Free access to Green Publications.
  • Free or subsidized trainings on green entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Free Delicious Akara (beans cake) every thursday.
  • Fun team events and board game nights!
  • Bicycle- use during period of internship.
  • Access to UN-Sustainable Development Network Events.
  • One-On-One Mentorship with an industry expert or celebrity.


  • Must be a student of an academic institution or graduates of not more than 2 years
  • Must be available to participate in the Green Campus Boot camp

Eligible Regions: Open for all

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