The 6th Asia Young Leaders for Democracy Program: Enhance the Resilience of Democracy

In 2014, the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) established the Asia Young Leaders for Democracy program (AYLD), aiming at strengthening democracy in Asia through young people’s collaborations. Each year, young practitioners advocating for democracy or human rights across the countries in Asia are selected to participate in the AYLD which empowers them through lectures, discussions, and site visits. Over the past 5 years, the AYLD has empowered nearly 100 young leaders with experience and knowledge from international NGOs or the academic field, and has built up a network of young people in Asia to encourage cooperation for consolidating democracy and human rights. 

From 2018 to 2019, democracy is still backsliding. Extremism, uncontrolled populism, and disinformation are polarizing the society and destroying spaces of meaningful and inclusive dialogue. Through the use of technology, authoritarian regimes are not only able to tighten controls domestically, but also project their influence internationally. To help democracy survive these challenges, we must enhance the resilience of democracy. Therefore, this year’s program will work with the participants to innovate more inclusive approaches of public participation and encourage more dialogue to break people’s filter bubbles. Also, the program will provide interdisciplinary lectures and workshops to build up participants’ capacity to safeguard democracy.

Applications must be received by e-mail before April 30th. Please download the application form from the TFD’s website, and submit it with at least two references to [email protected]

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