Smart Chhori – A digital platform to empower girls and young women in Nepal

Khalti, A digital wallet has officially launched a special Smart Chhori campaign. This program is aimed at empowering girls and young women in Nepal through financial knowledge and skills. As part of this initiative, 10,000 adolescent girls and women from across the nation will be trained on financial and digital literacy who will later emerge as influencers in their communities.

Why Smart Chhori program?

Nepal has a high female unemployment rate and lacking digital skills has become one of the barriers for women and girls in enhancing their career. Still today, a lot of financial decisions are taken by the male members of the family and lots of women still struggle to use smartphones and handle basic finances. Smart Chhori program has been launched with an aim to encourage women and girls into digital finance and help them to be ready for what’s there to come in this rapidly advancing digital world.

Smart Chhori program is a free e-learning platform inside Khalti Digital Wallet app where girls can learn about the basics of digital payments, online security and personal finance. Girls and young women from age group 15-35 years having a smartphone and access to internet can enroll in the program.

Through this program, Khalti aims to equip young Nepali girls with the knowledge, skills, and attitude which can change their lives by helping them become independent, establish good financial habits, discuss saving, budgeting, and expenses with family members and improve their future prospect for decent work opportunities.

Who is a Smart Chhori? Who can enroll in the program?

A smart Chhori is a young, dynamic, Nepali girl who is digitally and financially aware and is committed towards bringing easy access to finance to the people in her community.

Girls and young women from age group 15-35 years having a smart phone & access to internet can enroll in the program.

Enroll Process:

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