Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit

In 2018, we sourced the world’s top 200 ocean commitments created by our ocean leaders of ages 18-35 from over 50 countries “and designed a highly-interactive program to foster collaboration, boost ocean ocean leaders’ career development and inspire future generations to take action.

Become an SOA Ocean Leader today and gain valuable experience in broadening your ocean network, leading projects and campaigns, inspiring your community about ocean sustainability, and pushing your leadership skills to the next level. We are a team of ocean changemakers built upon the foundation of integrity, inclusion and innovation facilitating impactful change for the sustainability of our ocean.
As an SOA Ocean Leader, you have access to:

  • A global community of ocean experts, mentors, and young leaders that can help you develop and implement your sustainability projects, awareness campaigns, and ocean solution initiatives.
  • The opportunity to apply to attend high-level conferences around the world.
  • An online engagement platform to network with peers and mentors, absorb compelling educational content, and take part in impactful campaigns.

The World’s Largest Network of Ocean Leaders

SOA has created the world’s largest network of ocean leaders with a presence in over 80 countries and supporting over 1,000 projects. SOA fosters the entrepreneurial spirit of our SOA Ocean Leaders and challenges them to design creative policy and business solutions, plus provides them access to high-level conversations and a platform to showcase their ideas and solutions.

We are hyper-focused on fueling young ocean leaders with the resources and connections needed to develop new solutions for the ocean; both to address the causes of ocean harm such as marine pollution, unsustainable fishing, ocean acidification and habitat destruction, as well as inventing new technology for the oceans, like autonomous vessels, new sensors, blockchain, Big Data and Machine Learning applications.

SOA’s pipeline of ocean leaders is cultivated through a chapter or hub-based model, led by students at the collegiate and young professional level. Each Ocean Solutions Hub is focused on developing advocacy campaigns targeting local elected officials, hosting community-centered impact events, and raising awareness about the common responsibility to protect our ocean.

With the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Number 14 (SDG14) as our driving force, our Ocean Solutions Hubs and Network are working tirelessly to reverse the tides and bring their ocean conservation projects and innovations to life.

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