One World Media Fellowship 2020 (£1,000 Production Grant)

One World Media Fellowship is aimed at aspiring journalists and filmmakers, who seek to make a career out of reporting the global south, raising awareness about the developing world and breaking down prejudices.

Working in film, print, audio or multimedia, One World Media Fellows’ projects bring together integrity and creativity to present under-reported stories that break down stereotypes and build cross-cultural connections.

One World Media guide filmmakers and journalists on a single project and provide a supportive network of mentors and peers through the production and completion of their project.

One World Media seek to champion diverse emerging talent, and particularly encourage submissions from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)  applicants as well as from people from and based in developing countries.

What Projects Are They Looking For?

  • Projects in pre-production to tell engaging stories from the developing world
  • Non-fiction media across all platforms: film, print, audio, photojournalism, and multimedia
  • Proposals where the majority of the budget is in place or achievable in a short time-frame
  • Projects that can be delivered within a year – for films, this is under 30 mins
  • Stories that are strong enough to be published or broadcast in established media outlets. We are looking for genuine journalism or documentary and will fund media that could ultimately
  • appear in existing newspapers, magazines, radio, TV channels, professional news websites, and online platforms, etc.

Beyond this, they are particularly interested in proposals that:

  • Seek to tell original stories in a way that will engage the intended audience
  • Highlight the voices of people living in the developing world, particularly voices that are not often heard
  • Have established contacts and contributors who have confirmed their willingness to take part
  • Have considered ethical issues and safety
  • Do not simply cover negative aspects of the developing world without considering the context in which they exist
  • Demonstrate an understanding of accountability and fair practice in news gathering and reporting
  • Show a willingness to work with local people in equal partnership in co-production on a story.

*** They do not fund fiction or feature-length projects.

Applications are shortlisted in the house then put to a jury panel of industry professionals who select the winning applications. The new Fellows are announced in May.


 United Kingdom


  • £1,000 production grant
  • Executive Producer for your project
  • Career mentorship
  • Workshops and webinars by industry experts
  • Fair Reporting and Security Guidance
  • Introductions to commissioners
  • A network of like-minded Fellows and Alumni


  • The applications are open to all aspiring filmmakers and journalists from around the world, as long as the proposed story is about or from a developing country.
  • Non-fiction media across all platforms: film, print, audio, photojournalism, and multimedia are supported by the fellowship.

Eligible Regions: Open for all

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