Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019

Nokia is shaping a new revolution in technology, where networks augment and aid our daily lives. They create the technology that connects the world and are looking to co-innovate with the ecosystem to invent disruptive technologies. Co-innovation is an essential part of Nokia’s ambition to bring in people with creative ideas and smart solutions.

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge offers the opportunity for the bright minded companies to propose the best-in-class products and solutions within the Industrial Automation domain to an international jury. The jury will then select the most advanced and innovative candidates to attend the final event that will be held at primary Nokia location in November at Nokia headquarters. In the final event, these finalists will present their innovative products or solutions to the executive level jury who will then select the winners. The next generation industrial revolution will not only affect traditional industry operators, but also every single business which has requirements for automation and optimized services. These enterprises are making the leap to a new era of higher productivity and quality with the next generation of connectivity and applications.

The main theme of the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019 is Industrial Automation. Industrial automation in this context means intelligence over high performance digital networks, to support unprecedented levels of automation and usher in a new era of productivity for industrials and the public sector. They are looking for something that might already be established, but could reach new heights of interest with the right support from Nokia; or something which is a totally new idea and concept but would need fine-tuning to fit the requirements of the Nokia Future X Network architecture.


  • Multi Robot Collaboration
  • Human Augmentation (incl. Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality)
  • Digital personal assistants
  • Human Machine/Machine-Human
  • Edge computing
  • AI Application & Technologies

Strive to have the innovative mindset. Big innovations have been done and developed when people have looked beyond the obvious. Think big and out of the box. Apply now!




Nokia Open Innovation Challenge Prizes for 2019 are:

  • 1st place: $100,000
  • 2nd place: $50,000
  • 3rd place: $25,000
  • Co-innovation and joint business opportunities
  • Business and technology boost by accessing Nokia’s technologies, products and resources
  • Access to Nokia’s global market
  • Possible investment opportunities


  • Innovativeness, feasibility and scalability of the idea according to the themes as well as the joint business potential.
  • The suitability and the fit of the submission with respect to the Nokia Future X Network architecture.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

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