Meetup and Networking for Startups and Social Enterprises

Startups and Social Enterprises seem to spring up like mushrooms on every corner these days. But what are the factors that actually make them successful? And which role does philanthropy play in this?

There is so much information these days that it’s sometimes hard to focus on the few simple basics you need to make your startup a success. Come to our meet-up and networking to find out more.

We will be joined by Erik Detiger, Raj and Eva Wieners

Erik Detiger has decades of experience in the philanthropy sector and has grown and managed his company for more than ten years. He will talk about how to employ similar strategies that made him successful for NGOs to startups and social enterprises.

Raj will talk about his company socialtours and how they became a trailblazer for offbeat travel in Nepal and a four-time nominee for the prestigious Responsible Tourism Awards

Eva Wieners has 7+ years of experience in the fundraising field and is a founding member of the online startup ProposalsforNGOs.

In this informal event, there will be plenty of time to ask questions, network and discuss!

Join for coffee, snacks, and some great conversations!

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