International Youth Summer School 2019 in China

Youth Time International Movement welcomes the global youth community to the ninth edition of the International Youth Summer School.

The world has never been connected more tightly than now. For young, ambitious international entrepreneurs, especially those who just start up their business career from the very beginning, following up for the global trend of startup innovation and capital investment is of great importance. Among all the capricious economic trends in the world, the Eurasia-related investment is definitely a predictable indication. According to statistics, nearly half of the proposed infrastructure in Eurasia is estimated to provide significant gains to investors, the share of projects that provide gains increases to almost two-thirds.

Meanwhile, to understand the youth responsibility in such kinds of pan-regional development is also important. Rather than pursuing savage economic development that benefits only the rich ends of investment, every responsible global citizen will “share common responsibility for common prosperity” by hopping on the global development express.

Therefore, the main topic of the Summer School is chosen as ‘’Bridge Capital and Technology: Corporations along Silk Road, Innovation in Entrepreneurship’’. At the event young entrepreneurs from around the world will explore how global markets can help them to achieve success. Young professionals, looking to expand internationally, will get the chance to take part in a unique, engaging and interactive program, guided by world class experts.




  • The event will give a unique insight as to the role of youth; empowering the international youth community to take advantage of the opportunities that lie waiting for them along silk road regions, specifically Asia, Europe, the Persian Gulf and East Africa.
  • They invite you to get a first hand experience with the Belt and Road Initiative and to find your own way to engage in this project that has the potential to transform the Eurasian zone into an enticing and robust hub for startups and young entrepreneurs.


  • Young people 20-35 from around the world;
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, speaking);
  • Master’s/PhD students, social entrepreneurs, young professionals, persons working at/with startup incubators and/or accelerators;
  • Show proven evidence of interests in Belt and Road Initiative and participation of the international youth community, and/or involvements in related fields;
  • Preferred backgrounds to include social and business enterprises, startups, non-profits, social activists, artists, educators, young researchers, scholars and students.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

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