International Youth Javanese Culture Camp 2019 in Indonesia

International Youth Javanese Culture Camp 2019 is a deliberately organized by Studec International collaborate with Directory of Research and Community Engagement University of Indonesia and Sanggar Budi Rahayu (School of Javanese Culture).

This event is caring youngsters about the future of originality culture, and have the intention to make concrete efforts for preserve morality. The event will also connect them as young leaders around them with the same spirit in make solve moral degradation issues and similar projects to solve the issues in their community. IYJCC 2019 will be conducted in Senden Village, one of the Javanese village areas near of Jogjakarta Province.

Senden village, on the Eastern slope of Mount Merbabu in Central Java, is a tourism destination that offers not only its beautiful scenery but also an abundance of cultural traditions inherited through generations as its local wisdom. This event includes the learning program of Javanese culture in a few day. Within this short period, the learners will stay in local houses (homestay) and mingle with the local people. While living with them, learners will have the opportunity to study and enjoy traditional performing arts and farming livelihood in Senden village.




  1. Save culture by learning process. The program educates for sustainability through local community, Javanese cultural learning including comprehensive languages, local traditions and local wisdom.
  2. Empowerment the community. At this event, participants, lectures and our local village neighbors will learn, work and play together to inspire and encourage each other to live purposeful lives.
  3. Unforgettable experience. Experience living in the village, communicating with local people, enjoy the Mountain Jazz Festival, join the Tobacco Festival and the most memorable moment is experience the very beautiful and exotic view and place of Senden Village, Merbabu Mountain area.


  1. Program (Javanese Language Class; Culture workshop: traditional dance, theater, playing Gamelan music instrument) with professional lecturer from University of Indonesia
  2. Mountain Jazz Festival ticket
  3. Tobacco Festival ticket
  4. Explore hidden tourism destination in mountain area
  5. Homestay with local 5D4N
  6. Meals
  7. Pick Up and Drop airport service
  8. Local transport
  9. International Certificate
  10. Traditional custom
  11. First Aid
  12. Full time LO
  13. Professional Documentation


  1. Age between 15 – 24 years old
  2. Good communication skill and knowledge
  3. Having good personality and attitude
  4. Able to pay program FEE
  5. No Need English Practice

Eligible Regions: Open for All

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