Global Goals Summit 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Applications are now open for the Global Goals Summit 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

There are more than 700 million young people in Asia-Pacific, an incredible source of energy and creativity. But while only 20 percent of the region’s workers are aged between 15 and 24, these young people account for almost half the Asia-Pacific’s jobless. The youth employment challenge is complex and closely intertwined with economic development, child labor, rural livelihoods, urban and trans-border migration, gender, poverty, and vulnerability. The tools for addressing the challenge are similarly diverse – education, training, skills development, social protection, self-employment and entrepreneurship, language and technology. So, we’re here to solve the youth challenge and solve the world’s problems.

Global Goals Summit is a place where young leaders from various countries can develop their Global Goals value, make a global impact, take action as Changemakers. Entering the second annual session, Global Goals Summit.

Entering its second year, annual session, GLOBAL GOALS SUMMIT aims to create new urban agents and to teach the urban youth how to join the SDGs agenda in their respective countries. With the grand theme on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GLOBAL GOALS SUMMIT offers fully inspiring talks by renowned international experts on SDGs, exciting cultural exchange sessions and comprehensive leadership training that emphasizes the future leader qualities.

All of these activities combined will gather the most excellent 150 young professionals, activists and leaders of Asia Pacific countries, allowing delegates to have an overwhelmingly rich network of contacts around the world. In a nutshell, this conference would be the best opportunity for global youth leaders in Asia Pacific to expand their influence and provide them with a platform of collaboration in reaching their personal and professional goals to be the front-runner of sustainable development in their respective countries.


  • Sharpening SDGs Mindset
    • The objectives of the SDGs include a universal scale, assisting people toward sustainable development through three approaches, namely economic development, openness in the social order, and environmental sustainability.
  • Leadership and Collaboration
    • Solve the world toughest problems, the participants need to work together, create the innovation and do collaboration to make it happen and give the impact for society.
  • Multicultural Understanding
    • Every future leader must have the provision and broad global insight to have a multicultural understanding. Of all activities related to learning culture, language, and technology is expected future leaders have a science of multicultural understanding.
  • Facilities:
    • Entrance all series program
    • Verified international speakers
    • International certificate
    • Hotel 3N2D
    • Meals (lunch and gala dinner)
    • Coffee break
    • Local transport
    • Airport assistance
    • Fulltime LO
    • Conference Kit
    • First Aid
    • Professional Documentation


  • Have Enthusiasm and high awareness in Sustainable Development Goals
  • Aged between 16th– 30th years old
  • Good Communication skills and knowledge
  • Interested to be a Young Entrepreneur
  • Able to pay the Program Fees
  • No Need of English Practice

Eligible Regions: Open for all

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