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Your project – 3 steps to the journey of your life

Because this is your journey, it’s up to you to decide which travel topic best suits you. Whether it’s art, nature, sports or politics – it’s your interests, talents and inclinations that matter. Tell us in your application what it is that connects you to your topic and what links your chosen country to it. Depending on your topic, you can also create a piece of art or craft instead of a written project report or choose an alternative way of documentation. If you want to do this, please let us know what you have in mind and tell us about your experiences and background knowledge in this field. This also applies to photo documentations. As the topic of the journey should serve your personal development, we reject topics on principle which only seek to deepen the field of study. 

1. Before the journey…

If your application is shortlisted, you will no longer be on your own in the further preparation of your trip. You will be supported and personally mentored by a person who has extensive experience with zis journeys. They will give you tips, answer your questions and, ultimately, approve your scholarship as soon as your plans have matured.

2. During the journey…

As soon as you‘ve started your journey, you’ll have to stand on your own two feet. You’ll organise your time, manage your expenses and find your contacts. Your topic will be your key to the country and its people. You will gather impressions and experiences and visit people who have something to say about your topic. You’ll see how it’s possible to immerse yourself in the culture of your host country in only 4 weeks. Your travel diary, in which you’ll capture your daily impressions, will be your constant companion.

3. After the journey…

After your return, you‘ll have three months to summarise your impressions and experiences in a project report, a piece of art or craft or an alternative documentation. You should report on what you discovered about your topic on the journey, and how the trip changed your perspective and views. You can be creative and illustrate your topic with pictures or other material. Producing an artistic piece of work is another great way of capturing your experiences and questions surrounding your journey topic.

Your challenges: “travelling alone” doesn’t mean being “lonely”

There are a few challenges you’ll have to crack to make your journey a truly unique experience. First of all, there’s the age restriction – at the beginning of the journey you have to be at least 16 and not yet 21. But there’s more.

Your mentors

About 30 volunteer mentors from various professions work for the zis Foundation. Most of us have gone on a zis journey ourselves. Our tasks include the selection and supervision of the travel projects. We meet every year in March to select the new travel projects and discuss the previous year’s trips.

If your application is successful, your future mentor will personally contact you and help you with your travel preparations. Even after your journey they will be there to support you with the development of your project report. All reports are read by at least three mentors. Afterwards, you will receive detailed feedback from us.

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