Call for Applications: The Asian Agriculture Summit and Exhibition 2019

We welcome you to join us at The Asian Agriculture Summit and Exhibition (AASE) 2019, on youth entrepreneurship, agriculture and related trade standards!   We look forward to seeing you in Nepal!

Date and venue: July 4-6, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Who can apply?

Government departments and government-linked organizations, farmers, youth entrepreneurs, associations, agriculture industry representatives and food processors, academics (e.g. universities, colleges, and researchers), traders and retailers as well as officials and students from institutions of higher learning and representatives of non-government organizations.

Summit details

AASE will contribute to the cause of agricultural intervention and sustainable growth where youths will be at the forefront of change in the local communities and globally.  The goal of the Summit is to promote sustainable agro-economy through exchanging knowledge and experiences of youth agro-entrepreneurs, and building networks for “collective good” as well as provide valuable feedback to and obtain support from academics and policymakers. The summit will allow space to share products and ideas, build relationship and network, and opportunity for cross-country public-private market exchange. The 10 best agriculture practices will be honored and awarded during the summit.


• Explore new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in the field of agriculture and exchange ideas and technologies

• Promote the practice of sharing national and international experiences on viable policies to foster sustainable agriculture and resilient agro-enterprises.

• Exchange knowledge and technique on climate resilient agriculture.

• Identify, build and strengthen the linkages and reinforce public-private partnerships for agricultural innovations, entrepreneurship, and market mechanisms.

• Encourage youths to adopt agriculture as an economic activity by equipping them with knowledge and expertise on agro-enterprises, agro-product management, and standardization as well as branding and marketing

• Share the best practices and build a network of agriculture scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and other stakeholders

• Promote the use of ICT for knowledge and technology sharing among youth and entrepreneurs

• Hold dialogue among policymakers, youth entrepreneurs and investors to promote agricultural entrepreneurship in Asian countries

Summit Activities:-

The summit, representing countries, will give its participants the tools to learn and share how young women and men, especially in Asian countries, are increasingly acquiring new capacities and developing innovative solutions to transform themselves as Hunger Fighters, Job Creators, investors, Innovators, and Change Agents.  Participants and partner organizations will present proven innovative agribusiness and entrepreneurship practices by sharing their knowledge, expertise, challenges and success stories.

The event will be participatory engagements of the participants. Including the opening and closing ceremony, there will be keynote speeches followed by parallel sessions, panel discussions, field visit, and products exhibition representing at the global level.

  1. Nepal Agro Expo: an expo will be organizing in the summit venue and the participants can undertake outreach activities, promotion, marketing and sale of the agriculture products, technology, and ideas and knowledge. The expo concurrently going on with other activities.
  2. Networking and relationship building session: The first day of the summit, the participants will get the opportunity to make networks and build the relationship through the culture exchange program met
  3. Thematic Discussion Session: The participants from the various area of agriculture in the three-day summit will discuss on the following thematic area on the paper presented by the eminent practitioners and academics of agriculture;
    • Agriculture as an Industry: Industrial ecology and agricultural Productivity, production, distribution and exchange
    • Standardization, Branding, and Marketing of agriculture products
    • Agro-ecological Implications of climate change
    • Policy advocacy and effective communication in agriculture
    • Sustainable Development Goals and the agriculture
  1. Nepal Agriculture Tour: the summit will bring all the participants to a field visit to the Nepal Agriculture Museum, Bhaktapur and a field trip to observe organic agriculture in Karvre district as an example of best practice.
  2. The experiences exchange session: the 10 best experience exchange session will be organizing in the summit.
  3. The 10 best agriculture practices will be honored and awarded in the summit.

 Target audience:-

The audience for the summit will include government officials from the various related government departments and government-linked organizations, farmers, youth entrepreneur, associations, agriculture industry representatives and food processors, Academics (e.g. universities, colleges and researchers), traders and retailers as well as officials and students from institutions of higher learning and representatives of non-government organizations around the world.

Delegate Fee

Package 1:  Participants without exhibition booth

The summit will charge the followings rate for the participants

  • America – USD 290
  • Europe – € 260
  • South America – USD 265
  • Africa – USD 200
  • Asia – USD 200
  • South Asia – USD 180
  • India – ₹ 12,500
  • Nepal – NPR 15,000

The total amount will include 3 days’ room and board and the field visit. No travel cost will include in the registration fee.

Package 2: exhibition booth of 6 m2 area A 3.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels

The cost for participants in the exhibition is USD 150 and do not include the summit cost. The participants will be provided with the following items for the presentations.

  • Fascia board with company name
  • Rate for two days of space rental
  • Flier in the participant bag
  • Name and logo of the company on the website of the event

Funding / Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizer is seeking financial and in-kind support from the government and non-governmental agencies for a successful completion of the conference. Therefore, the stakeholders of the field have an opportunity to be a sponsor for specific component of the conference. Below is the estimated budget, in major sector. The breakdown budget can be developing mutually after the sponsor agree to support in specific field.

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