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Want to LEAD YOUR COUNTRY? JOIN US! The Global Network Platform:
Be Part of Positive Change! Global Youth unite for connection, inspiration, innovation and impact.

Why Become a Member of GLTS?
Becoming a Global Member connects you with a diverse youth group of leaders, professionals, innovators and achievers. This opens up the door of opportunity to join regional and global conferences, summits and social events.

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Individual: You can shine up through personal development as well as your professional life and career. GLTS promotes personal, professional and political growth through global networking seminars and events. GLTS give you power to your voice and be heard.

National: GLTS helps you to hold leadership in your community and create an impact to the society.

International: GLTS open up the opportunities throughout the year to attend national and global events, conferences, summits, partnership and connect you to like minded people around the world.

What you get: Global Membership Card, Certificate and Badge


– Anyone, (preferable age: below 30)
– Anyone has interest to be a change and work for humanity

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