2 MINUTE Film Competition

Compete with your 2 Minutes Films to show Skills are Important and get a chance to win Rs. 25,000 !

Film making is art to portray our perception, understandings, experience and feelings through story, documentary or other media. As we have come up with the skill week, we have announced for the 2- minutes film making competition with the theme is ‘Skills for Life’.

Yes! We all know that skill is very important for us to be a successful. Why not sharing the stories we experienced, or we have seen around our surrounding?

Do submit your video on the theme and win cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

A simple challenge to all who wanna Shoot a movie with a running time of no more than two minutes to be movie makers. Shoot a movie with a running time of no more than two minute and send us for a chance on the theme of “Skills To Grow For Life”

An opportunity to showcase the creative concepts and experience to portray the story related to skills and life. Through the film, applicants should be able to share the story they have seen or experienced which helped people to sustain their life, also the importance of skills in life.

Top-15 videos will be projected in QFX on 22nd of January among which a winner will be selected through panel of jury.


  1. Get the platform to showcase their perception nationwide;
  2. Winner will get the cash prize of Rs. 25000 during the closing ceremony of the ‘Skill Week’.


  1. Should be a Nepali Citizen;
  2. Age group 16-30 years;
  3. Film should be in the theme – ‘Skills To Grow for Life’


  1. Applicants must make the film by the applicant;
  2. Video should be of 2 minutes in the theme stated;
  3. Quality of the video should be of 1080p and in mp4 format.
  4. The applicants has to upload in google drive;
  5. Drive link of the video need to be attached in the form during the application;
  6. During submission, applicants should provide the brief description of the concept/ video.

Film Festival Showcase

Date: 22/01/2020

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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